2017 TCFF Social Justice Cause: Changemaker Series - ADDICTION

2017 Changemaker Award Honoree

Lexi Reed Holtum, Executive Director and lobbyist of the Steve Rummler Hope Network, has been with the Network since its inception. Lexi was instrumental in the passage of Steve’s Law and the 2015 appropriation enabling first responders to have the resources they need to implement the law. She is also responsible for the creation of the Network’s Overdose Prevention Program and for fostering partnerships between hospitals, treatment and sober living facilities, and communities to reduce opioid overdose deaths. In addition to the contributions Lexi makes in the state of Minnesota she is also a sought-out speaker and advocates federally. Lexi’s testimonies in Washington DC offer necessary perspective to agencies like the CDC, FBI, DEA and FDA in order to push for necessary changes to our country’s current prescribing practices, treatment of addiction, and available resource. Lexi is a person in long-term recovery from the disease of addiction, she is the proud mother of one child, and she was Steve Rummler’s fiancé.

Four powerful films paint a picture of addicts and foster important discussions around how to better help those that are afflicted.

Addicted to Porn: Chasing The Cardboard Butterfly - Documentary
Director: Justin Hunt

Chasing The Dragon: The Life Of an Opiate Addict - Documentary
Director: Thomas Benca

Tatertot & Patton - Narrative
Director: Andrew Kightlinger

Screenagers - Documentary
Director: Delaney Ruston

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