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2021 – Sunday 10/25 2:45 PM


Synopsis:  John Cooper is a computer programming genius who starts working on a project to reverse engineer human intelligence using a map of the human genome. John becomes increasingly disillusioned and severely depressed as he begins to question any possible meaning of human thoughts and emotions that can be replicated on computer software. On the […]

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A New High – Friday 10/30 12:30 PM


Synopsis:  (Inspirational Documentary, Seattle) – In the heart of downtown Seattle lies the Union Gospel Mission—a homeless shelter catering to the addicted and the abused. For these men and women, hope is a novelty. Self-esteem a luxury. Recovery a faraway ideal. But within the UGM is one man, an ex-Army Ranger, who believes in them. […]

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A Refugee’s Story: Khamsay Huang – Tuesday 10/27 5:30 & 5:45 PM


Synopsis:  After experiencing the horror of what the Communist government could do, Khamsay realized life in Laos would never be the same. This short biographical documentary will explain his journey and some of the obstacles he faced to get to America. With determination, he got the rest of his family to America and finally lived […]

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A Year And Change – Tuesday 10/27 8:15 PM


Synopsis:  After drunkenly falling off the roof at a New Year’s house party, Owen decides that it’s time to make some wholesale changes in his life. Over the next year, he re-enters his estranged son’s life, reignites old friendships, quits drinking, and falls in love with Vera, a bank teller and fellow divorcee…all in an […]

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Against Night – Friday 10/30 2:45 PM


Synopsis:  The late 1960s, heyday of the Soviet space program. A Soyuz capsule carrying two cosmonauts violently reenters the atmosphere, burning up. Miraculously, both men survive, landing far off-course in the remote frozen steppes of Mongolia. One of the men sets off, in the midst of a violent snowstorm, to search for rescue. On the […]

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All In The Family Shorts Block – Sunday 10/25 12:30 PM

Synopsis:  In this family friendly shorts block we get a glimpse into the realities of motherhood, the simplicity of youth and the concept of home. Films Include: The Break Up, Yvonne, D. Asian, Play Date, The Hodag, Game On!, Cami Leon Should Have Said No, and My Dear Americans. TCFF Welcomes Attending Filmamkers! Directors: Mutiple Directors […]

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All The Time In The World – Thursday 10/29 5:15 PM


Synopsis:  In a philosophical film by local director Nickolaus Swedlund, at a small rural college in the Midwest, Drew (Drew Zoromski), a senior college football player struggles to rediscover his purpose in life after a knee injury ends his promising athletic career. His physical pain is compounded when his girlfriend (Katie Thies) dumps him, and […]

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Anomalisa – Monday 10/26 6:15 PM


Synopsis:  Michael Stone, husband, father and respected author of “How May I Help You Help Them?,” is a man crippled by the mundanity of his life. On a business trip to Cincinnati, where he’s scheduled to speak at a convention of customer service professionals, he checks into the Fregoli Hotel. There, he is amazed to […]

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Article XVII – Sunday 10/25 9:45 PM


Synopsis:  A long time from now, on a planet far away, an E-Class waitress must manage with the implementation of a new sexist law affecting female servers on humankind’s first interstellarcolony.   Director Braddon Alexander in attendance! Directors: Braddon Alexander Rating: Not Rated, Viewer Discretion Advised (Adult Situations) Runtime: Ticket Price $12 (Per Shorts Block) Out Of […]

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Autism In America


Synopsis:  (Health Documentary, Autism) – genuine and straightforward look into Autism in America told by the families and individuals living with Autism daily. Narrated by Chandra Wilson. TCFF Welcomes Zac Adams and Tim Vandesteeg! Directors: Zac Adams Rating: NR Runtime: 85 min Ticket Price $12 Screening Time(s):  10/22/2015  (5:00 PM) 10/22/2015  (7:30 PM) Click Here to purchase […]

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Band Of Robbers – Friday 10/30 10:45 AM


Synopsis:  (Historical Thriller, Starring Hannibal Buress) – A modern day retelling of Mark Twain’s iconic books, BAND OF ROBBERS is a comedic adventure that reimagines the characters as grown men, and small-time crooks. When Huck Finn is released from prison, he hopes to leave his criminal life behind, but his lifelong friend, and corrupt cop, […]

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Between Friends – Tuesday 10/27 5:30 & 5:45 PM


Synopsis:  The tenants of a run down apartment building are constantly harassed by their landlord. After being pushed too far a pair of elderly women decide it is up to them to take a stand   Director John Scott in attendance! Directors: John Scott Rating: Not Rated, Viewer Discretion Advised (Adult Situations) Runtime: Ticket Price $12 (Per […]

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Blame – Wednesday 10/28 9:30 PM


Synopsis:  Haunted by the ghost of a dead rape victim, a Black father must decide to either turn his son into the police or delete the only evidence of the assault.   Directors: Kellee Terrell Rating: Not Rated, Viewer Discretion Advised (Adult Situations) Runtime: Ticket Price $12 (Per Shorts Block) Coming Of Age – Shorts Block Screening […]

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Boardroom – Tuesday 10/27 5:30 & 5:45 PM


Synopsis:  On a fateful night, down on his luck Fred runs into an old childhood friend, Brandon. He soon discovers that Brandon and a mystical spirit could be the reason for his poor luck.   Director Adam Burke in attendance! Directors: Adam Burke Rating: Not Rated, Viewer Discretion Advised (Adult Situations) Runtime: Ticket Price $12 (Per Shorts […]

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Brooklyn – Saturday 10/24 6:45 PM & Friday 10/30 8:00 PM


Synopsis:  BROOKLYN tells the profoundly moving story of Eilis Lacey (Saoirse Ronan), a young Irish immigrant navigating her way through 1950s Brooklyn. Lured by the promise of America, Eilis departs Ireland and the comfort of her mother’s home for the shores of New York City. The initial shackles of homesickness quickly diminish as a fresh […]

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Cami Leon Should Have Said No – Sunday 10/25 12:30 PM


Synopsis:  Cami Leon isn’t your average girl, she has a bit of a ‘Condition’, that brings her on an adventure filled day, with many interesting interactions, leading to a date no one will ever forget!   Director Ryan Schaddelee & Amber Rhodes in attendance! Directors: Ryan Schaddelee Rating: Not Rated, Viewer Discretion Advised (Adult Situations) Runtime: Ticket […]

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Can You Dig This – Tuesday 10/27 3:30 PM


Synopsis:  (Environmental Documentary, Los Angeles) – A feature documentary following four “gangster gardeners” who create an oasis in one of the most notoriously dangerous neighborhoods in America.   Directors: Delila Vallot Rating: NR Runtime: 83 Min Ticket Price $12 Screening Time(s):  10/22/2015  (3:05 PM) 10/27/2015  (3:30 PM) Click Here to purchase    

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Catching The Sun – Monday 10/26 4:30 PM


Synopsis:  ( Environmental Documentary) – Over the course of a solar jobs training program, Catching the Sun follows the hope and heartbreak of unemployed American workers seeking jobs in the solar industry. With countries like China capitalizing on this trillion-dollar opportunity, Catching the Sun tells the story of a global energy transition from the perspective […]

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Circulate – Tuesday 10/27 5:30 & 5:45 PM


Synopsis:  A man wakes up in an abandoned hospital confused and looking for answers. As he roams the hallways he discovers he may have been here before.   Directors: Ben Kohler Rating: Not Rated, Viewer Discretion Advised (Adult Situations) Runtime: Ticket Price $12 (Per Shorts Block) Land Of 10,000 Stories – Shorts Block Screening Time(s):  10/27/2015  5:30 […]

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Kingdom of Shadows

Kingdom of Shadows

Synopsis: In Kingdom of Shadows, Bernardo Ruiz takes an unflinching look at the human cost of the U.S.-Mexico drug wars through the perspectives of three Sister Consuelo Morales, based in the devastated city of Monterrey, prods government officials to take action against the drug cartels on behalf of grieving families whose loved ones have gone […]

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