Becks, an unambitious musician, moves back to her childhood home in St. Louis after a crushing breakup with her longtime girlfriend. As she begins to come to terms with her father's death, she struggles to find a connection with her ultra-Catholic mother, a former nun. An old friend invites Becks to start playing for tips in his local bar, which conveniently allows her to indulge in one of her favorite activities: drinking. She begins teaching guitar lessons to Elyse — a local store owner who happens to be the wife of Becks’ high school nemesis — and the two strike up a unique friendship. As Becks grows more confident as a musician and begins to discover her artistic voice, a new life in her hometown suddenly seems within her reach. Driven by an original soundtrack and inspired by the life of singer/songwriter Alyssa Robbins, Becks is a unique new take on the American movie musical.  
**Winner of the Best US Fiction Feature Film at LA Film Festival**

Screening Date(s):
Wednesday October 25th - 1:00 PM, Saturday October 28th - 12:20 PM

Director:Elizabeth Rohrbaugh & Daniel Powell
Runtime:91 minutes
Ticket Price:12
Attending Guests:
Premiere Status: Midwest Premiere

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