"It's summer break and fifteen-year-old Darcy is working in her family's motel, a seedy operation on the edge of town. Sustaining the motel is the practice of taking in occupants who have until only recently been incarcerated—an arrangement that Darcy’s parents have made with the Department of Corrections for a price. Those people desperate to sleep for a night are the strangers lurking the halls, never knowing who is shooting up, or of the pimp leading a man to a working-girl next door.

The idealistic Darcy sees the motel’s residents only as people, not realizing the danger she might be in. Appearing like a vision from the cover of the romance novels she sneaks off to read in the woods. Darcy’s eyes open a bit wider and her feelings are tapped a little deeper when the older, handsome and brooding Luke checks into the motel.

Slowly beginning to come of age surrounded by people that society wants to forget, along with an alluring stranger whose arrival sparks the possibilities that life has to offer, Darcy is presented with a decision to make: Stay close to the mundane life she knows and loathes, or venture off into the uncertain but undeniably tempting world outside of the motel’s doors."

Screening Date(s):
Tuesday October 24th - 5:30 PM

Director:Heidi Philipsen and Jon Russell Cring
Ticket Price:12
Attending Guests: Heidi Philipsen - Producer and Co-Director, Jon Russell Cring - Co-Writer/Co-Director, Stephanie Dillon - Executive Producer, Niko Meissner - Executive Producer, Gus Birney - Actress, Johnathan Tchaikovsky - Actor, Ray Faiola - Actor
Premiere Status: World Premiere

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