Margaux In America

Age of Innocence (Coming of Age Shorts Blocks) - Margaux is 17 when she flies from Dijon, France to Los Angeles in search of adventure and maybe, just maybe, a love interest. Her host, Addie, a tennis superstar and cell phone obsessed teenager is far from excited to have a new roommate but Margaux quickly realizes that surface level Addie has it all but underneath the façade she has nothing, and is riddled by insecurity.
Margaux does indeed find someone she connects with when she meets Emiliano, a second generation Latino who attends the same high school and waits tables at Addie and her boyfriend's tennis club. With hormones coursing through their veins, they fall for each other immediately.
A few weeks in to Margaux's American adventure she attends a house party with Addie and her friends. After Emiliano has to leave early, Addie's boyfriend Hunter finds Margaux upstairs and rapes her.
After the event everyone at school finds out leaving Margaux totally isolated with no one to talk to. Addie confronts her, enraged, but she already knows it wasn't Margaux's fault and admits that her boyfriend abuses her too. The two teenage girls are one another's only support system.

Screening Date(s):
Saturday, October 21st - 10:00am

Director:Eleanor Hoppe
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Premiere Status: USA

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