Imaginations Run Wild (Family Friendly Shorts Block) - Joshua Kim is a kid with a wild imagination. He is a 1st generation Korean American boy who is embarrassed by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kim, who run a dry cleaners. When Career Day arrives at his school, he decides not to invite them. Instead, Joshua concocts a story so wild, it takes him and his peers on an adventure into the fictional lives of his parents who, according to him, are North Korean spies. When he gets in trouble at school, Mr. and Mrs. Kim explain to him why they came to the United States, to give him a better life. This heartfelt journey of self-discovery follows Joshua as he learns to embrace who he is and where he comes from.

Screening Date(s):
Sunday, October 22nd - 2:45pm

Director:Jaehuen Chung
Runtime:15 minutes
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Attending Guests:
Premiere Status: Midwest

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