The Ties That Bind Us (Relationships Short Block) - It's New Year's Eve, and Frankie, Jake, Brian, and Nina are gathered for a low-key celebration of board games and wine. As the evening progresses, tensions bubble to the surface: Brian and Nina have just had a baby and haven't had sex in months, and Frankie is sniping at Jake about, well, pretty much everything. When the baby cries, it gives everyone an excuse to take a break from the awkwardness. Frankie and Brian are left alone for a moment, and her life is turned upside down. And as the evening continues around her, she knows that nothing will be the same.

Screening Date(s):
Friday, October 20th - 12:30pm, Thursday, October 26th - 5pm

Director:Tamara Fisch
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Premiere Status: Midwest

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