Imaginations Run Wild (Family Friendly Shorts Block) -- In a factory for Robots, one robot, designated Seven, is sent for repairs, but its different way of thinking leads it right to the factory floor. There they meet Eight and Six, two robots who have very differing opinions on their new coworker. Could Sevens different approach to their jobs cause a disagreement that takes down the whole factory?
"Seven" is a story about a lot of things. Its about machines, levers, and robots, but most importantly, it's about Aspergers, and how thinking differently isn’t always a bad thing. Originally created over the course of a year as a Senior Film at the University of Wisconsin-Stout

Screening Date(s):
Sunday, October 22nd - 2:45pm

Director:Abby Anderson
Runtime:4 minutes
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Attending Guests:
Premiere Status: Minnesota

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