The City of Hockey


The story of Edina hockey is told through current and former coaches as well as current and former players. Edina has won an unprecedented 12 Minnesota State High School Championships. When you think of High School Football, you think of Texas, Basketball, it's Indiana, and Hockey, It's Minnesota. Every year, for 3 days, tens of thousands of people attend the MN state high school hockey tournament . It's one of the greatest spectacles in sports. Edina is there almost every year. If Minnesota is the State of Hockey, Edina is the City of hockey. This documentary tells the story not through wins and losses but through the personal experiences of the coaches and players and what hockey has taught them about life.

Screening Date(s):
October 26th 5:00pm

Director:Marty Miller
Ticket Price:$12.00
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Premiere Status: TCFF Premiere

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