The Penalty

The human cost of the death penalty in America comes in for timely, gripping examination in The Penalty, the vital new documentary from British filmmakers Will Francome and Mark Pizzey (One for Ten). Embedding themselves in the stories of three fascinating people affected by American capital punishment, Francome and Pizzey follow the stories of a man wrongly convicted who spent 15 years on death row; a lawyer fighting against increasingly inhumane, botched executions; and a mother battling against the state’s pursuit of the death penalty for her daughter’s murderer. With recent controversial news about executions across the USA, and support for the death penalty at an all-time low, The Penalty is a riveting, forensic examination of the weightiest of issues.

Screening Date(s):
Wednesday October 25th - 7:20 PM

Director:Will Francome/Mark Pizzey
Ticket Price:12
Attending Guests: Dir: Will Francome
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