Victor’s Last Class

"Victor wanted to die. After fighting bone marrow cancer into remission he found himself with debilitating chronic pain. As an acting teacher of the Meisner technique for 20 years, he was committed to living in the moment, however painful it may be. Vic could not deny the incurable pain that he was in. His commitment to truth made him despise suicide in the traditional sense, so he decided to announce (via his blog) that he was going to kill himself.
This is the starting point for our story.
Three months after Victor’s announcement, Brendan (the filmmaker) convinced him to make a film exploring his experience and decision. Over the next five months together we see Vic soaking in the tub in pain, making raunchy sex jokes, yelling at the cameraman, crying over his deceased partner, teaching eager new students, wavering on the big choice, and bonding with Brendan. During this time, Brendan’s mission changes. He stops being the filmmaker asking why, and becomes a close friend trying to change Victor’s mind. Brendan does all he can to convince his new friend and mentor to stick around. But will it be enough?"

Screening Date(s):
Saturday October 21st - 2:15 PM

Director:Brendan Brandt
Runtime:82 minutes
Ticket Price:12
Attending Guests: Brendan Brandt
Premiere Status: Minnesota Premiere

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