2022 Red Carpet Schedule

The TCFF Red Carpet is located on the second floor of the Showplace ICON Theatre. We encourage everyone to take photos and selfies on the red carpet at any time. However, we do have reserved times for our filmmakers, sponsors and special guests. During the reserved times, our TCFF production, social media and photography teams will be working with the notable people attending the festival.

Thursday, 10/20      

5:00pm Overheated – Special Guests & Sponsors – Stephanie Dillon, Support & Feed, Cambria, Media Bridge

6:30pm Sponsors – The Shops at West End, Polestar Minneapolis, Anheuser Busch/Stella Artois, Comcast, MyTalk107.1, AC Marriott

Friday, 10/21

1:00pm Class of Covid-19

John Brick – Director

Donna M. Davis – Producer

3:00pm Missing You (SHORTS BLOCK)

Paper Geese

Labor of Love

The Vanifar


The Prairie Ghost

3:30pm Smell of Money

Shawn Bannon – Director

Michelle Cho – Associate Producer

5:15pm Bitcon

Matt Osterman – Director

Jeremy Davies – Actor

7:30pm TCFF Film Fellows – PHOTOGRAPHY ONLY


 8:30pm Hair Trigger

Steven Warkel – Director

Brady Halverson – Producer

Joe Greening – Cinematographer

Emily Carlson – Lead Actor

Saturday, 10/22

11:00am Ways of Being Home


12:00pm Jasmine is a Star

Jo Rochelle – Writer/Director

E.G Bailey – Producer/Actor

Sha Cage – Producer/Actor

1:00pm Him & Her

James P. Martin – Executive Producer

1:45pm Raised Up West Side

Brett A. Schwartz – Director

Empower Series Sponsor – Twin Cities Rise

2:00pm Gummy Worm

Eva Hoffman – Director, Writer, Cinematographer
James Birr – Director, Writer
Birdie Roden – Actor

3:15pm Freshwater

Ian Planchon – Director
Lynn Melling – Director

5:00pm Sins of the Father

Vanessa M. H. Powers – Director, Editor
Tristan Corrigan – Executive Producer, Co-Cinematographer
Laura LaBree – Art Director, Assistant Director
Nora Ellen Targonaki-O’Brien – Actor
David Michaeli – Actor
Anissa Eisenberg – Actor

6:00pm Disfluency

7:45pm The Hand That Feeds

Chris Mulkey – Actor
Christopher J. LaFleur – Executive Producer, Producer
Blair Smith – Director, Executive Producer
Wesley Johnson -Writer, Actor, 2nd Unit Director
Steve Muckway – DIT, Editor
Craig Muckler – Associate Producer, Actor

8:15pm Handshake

Robert Shupe – Director

Sunday, 10/23

9:45am A.rtifical I.mortality 

Ann Shin – Director

10:00am Origami in the Garden

Barbara Bentree – Director / Producer / Editor

11:30am From the Source/Liquid Gold

Conor Callahan – Director / Executive Producer
David Dellanave – Producer
Micah Kvidt – Cinematographer
Martin Wheeler – DP

Director – Derek Fletcher
Director – Tracy Briggs
Subject – Megan Myrdal
Subject – Peter Schultz

11:45am A Jazz Dance Shorts Collection

Erinn Liebhard – Co-Curator – Rhythmically Speaking)
Jody Oberfelder – Director – Rube G
Ricky Perry – Producer, Choreographer, Performer – Play Doh

1:45pm Chock Full of MN Docs  (SHORTS BLOCK)

I Pray

Voicemails 17-19


Nomad Palindrome

Tiny Titanic

On All Fronts

Hope Breakfast Bar

2:45pm Continue 9,8,7

Lucas Culshaw – Director

 4:30pm Roving Woman

Michał Chmielewski – Director
Lena Gora – Writer/Actor

4:45pm Comedy of Errors (SHORTS BLOCK)

Clutch & Shift

Reuben the Roller Roo

6:30pm Influencer

Peter Marcy – Director, Co-Writer, Co-Producer
Lindsay Marcy -Actor, Co-Writer, Co-Producer
Adam Anderson – Actor

Mon/Tues/Wed NONE

Thursday, 10/27

5:15pm Sponsor Interview: Prouty Project

           5:30pm Girl, You Got This (SHORTS BLOCK)




Turning 40


Sticky Fingers

6:30pm HER Series Sponsor Interviews – Irish Titan, Grey Search + Strategy, Team Women

7:15pm B&E

Sasha Rayl – Director

CJ Renner – Producer

      8:00pm Killher

Robyn August – Director
Tom Kiesche – Producer, Screenwriter, Actor
Mark Stolaroff – Accountant, Post Production Producer

Friday, 10/28

12:00pm Unzipped

Carol Gronner – Producer
Colin Gray – Director

1:45pm American Tales (SHORTS BLOCK)


The Trucker


2:45pm Freedom’s Path


6:00pm Sanctified

Nickolaus Swedlund – Director/Screenwriter
Daniel Bielinski, Producer/Actor

   6:15pm A Letter to Bryson

Adrian Wilson – Director

7:45pm Who Killed Cooper Dunn

Nino Aldi – Director/Actor
Joseph Rein – Writer

8:30pm Valentine Crush

Jamie Wede – Director

Jeremy Stevermer – Assistant Director

Andrew MaClean – Producer

Anthony Hunke – Actor

Tara Grimmer – Actor

Linda Rice – Co-producer

9:15pm Murmur

Mark Polish – Director/Writer/Producer/Editor
Wendy Polish
Janet Du Bois – Producer
Danny Davila – Producer

Saturday, 10/29

11:45am Prognosis: Notes for Living 

Nancy Otto – Subject
Kate Stilley Steiner – Producer / Director

12:00pm Joke’s On Us (SHORTS BLOCK)

The Family We Choose

The Mosquito

Sadie Breaks the Silents

Type A


2:00pm Jimmy in Saigon

Peter McDowell – Director, Producer
George Guerra – Co-Executive Producer

4:30pm After the Gunflint

J.D. O’Brien – Director
Al Norby – Actor
Josie Axelson – Actor
Ben Enke – DP

6:45pm Esme, In Love

Sao Her – Producer