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We believe in changing the world through film.

Your generous donation is greatly appreciated and will ensure that TCFF moves forward and continues to make a significant impact in our community and with our artists. As a non-profit organization, all donations and contributions are tax deductible. Donations can be made by check, money order, or through PayPal.

We’re so grateful for your support!

Twin Cities Film Fest (TCFF) wouldn’t be what it is without YOU! Thank you to all our amazing donors who have financially supported us this year! We hope you know how much we cherish you and all that you do for the organization’s growth. We love that you are a part of the TCFF Circle!

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Bill & Michelle Pohlad
Stephanie & Reilly Dillon
Bob Benedict
Garreth McMaster
James Myers
Park Tavern

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Allan Engfer
Amy Stech
Andrew Hartfield
Ariel Tilson
Cherie Monson
Cheryl Smith
Chris Cook
Christine Walker
Dani Palmer
David Bucher
Eileen Sanborn
Elizabeth Rochon
Emily Grams
Eric Hoffman
Isha Mader
James Myers
Jane Sharkey
Jay Dunphy
Jeanne Moynihan Myers
Jennifer Anttila
Jim Brimeyer
Joe B

Judy Vicars
Julieanna Hinck
Kathy Mayerhofer
Kathy Roseberry
Kathy S
Katie Gagner
Laura Sutherland
Leah Thompson
Linda Born
Lori Roovers
M susan Pfau
Matt Haglund
Matt Osterman
Michelle Boie
Michelle Duehn
Roberta Peterson
Roxanne Battle
Sharon Moritz
Summit Orthopedics
Theresa Alewine
Toni Tindillier
Tracy Stefan