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TCFF Alumni Mentorships – Filmmaker Application

This information is for TCFF Alumni Filmmakers who may be interested in securing a collegiate level filmmaker or recent graduate to mentor on their next film or media production project.

In order to be considered as a host mentor, you and your production must consider these guidelines:

+Execute a well organized short/feature length film or media project to be shot in Minnesota. Twin Cities based projects are preferred.

+Conduct either virtual or in person interviews with potential mentee candidates identified by TCFF.

+Maintain a professional set with daily call sheets, detailed communications, covid-19 protocals (if approriate) etc…..

+Submit regular feedback to TCFF on the selection, management and evaluation of the mentees.

+Provide proof of insurance prior to the production.

+Consider a stipend or reimbursement to the mentee(s).

If interested, please complete the google form that describes your project. If selected, TCFF will notify collegiate level filmmakers and educational institutions about the opportunity.

Questions should be directed to Charlotte Kodner, TCFF Education Director