Workshops & Panels


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A variety of educational opportunities are available each year at the Twin Cities Actor Expo that are designed to give actors at all levels some insightful, practical knowledge to help them move forward in their career and navigate the talent business.

All educational events will be held in the TCFF Office adjacent to the ICON Theater.  These are “drop in” type workshops or panels.  This means that you can attend a portion of the workshop if you have another expo obligation such as an audition or meet & greet to attend.


9:30am-10:30am – TCFF Office – Adjacent to the ICON Theater

Raising the Bar: Film Industry Professionalism  – Expectations from Agents, Casting Directors, Actors, and Filmmakers

This Panel Discussion offers guidelines regarding professional communication, expectations, and conduct. Filmmakers and actors alike will learn film industry standards on topics ranging from agent interactions to auditions, to on-set etiquette. Panelists provide insight into professional expectancies and provide answers on how to develop and maintain a stellar professional reputation, no matter which side of the camera you are on!  Filmmaker, Actor and Educator, Patrick Coyle (IMDB) will moderate the discussion and facilitate a Q & A.


Barbara Shelton – Casting Director  (website)

Casey E. Lewis – Actor-Educator  (IMDB)


11:00am – NOON – TCFF Office – Adjacent to the ICON Theater

Taking Your Voice Over Career to Another Level 

Have you’ve dabbled in the world of Voice Acting? Then join in this workshop to learn the nuts and bolts needed to go further in the Voice Over profession. Panelists will share what is being looked for in the marketplace. They will discuss getting started and managing expectations. Plus, cover how and when you should set up a home studio. The panelists will be professional Voice Actors with  real world knowledge and tips to help you grow and succeed in the industry.

Jessica Mraz – Actor – VO Actor – Instructor


1:30pm – 2:30pm – TCFF Office – Adjacent to the ICON Theater

The Ins and Outs of Industrial and Commercial Auditions

The Twin Cities is the hub for many National and International corporations including Target Corporation, General Mills, 3M, Best Buy and more. A major component of our thriving on-camera and voice over acting community is fueled by these Industrial and Commercial shoots.

This workshop will provide real world advice from corporate casting professionals about the differences between Industrial or Commercial Auditions versus other auditions. You will learn what to expect when auditioning for these roles, how to prepare for them, and how to give yourself the best shot at booking the gig.

Christine Moore – Producer/Director  – Arthur Maxwell, Inc.