2015 TCFF Testimonials

Thanks so very much for the opportunity to participate in the TCFF. Everything about the fest was terrific! Your professionalism and great courtesy shows through in every aspect of the event. It was a unique experience to be part of TQH film screening. I hope we have the opportunity to do so again with TCFF. Thanks again for your hard work and for a fantastic event! You make MN proud!

Ralph Bovard, Executive Producer, THE QUIET HOUR

Thank you SO VERY MUCH for such a wonderful festival. I really don’t know how you do it, but it was another spectacular year. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it. Hope the rest of the fest was as much fun as the couple of days I was able to attend. It looked like it from the posts I kept seeing on my feeds. Already looking forward to next year. (Though I’m sure you’re ready for a break – I’ll give you a week, maybe eight days). 🙂

Andrew Putschoegl, Producer/Director, NERDGASM & YVONNE

Congratulations on putting together another successful Twin Cities Film Fest. I was truly honored to have been a part of the festivities and had such a fun time meeting other filmmakers, seeing other films, and mixing. It was also a great platform to promote my work, which I always appreciate. THANK YOU for all the hard works you guys put into making TCFF so great. Certainly not an easy endeavor putting that event together, so bravo to you and your teams. I was honored to have been a part of it. 🙂 Cheers!


A warm thank you from The Dust Storm! We truly had an amazing time at the festival and were blown away by the hospitality, professionalism and pure enthusiasm that were displayed from everyone at TCFF. We’ve been to a lot of festivals over the years but the one you guys put on was truly outstanding. I hope everything goes well with the next week of the festival and we look forward to coming back to this great state to hopefully make another film soon.

Ryan Lacen, Producer/Director Anthony Baldino, Producer THE DUST STORM

We all had an amazing time at your festival. We were very impressed by the quality of the films, how personable the team was, the great parties, and we thought everything was extremely well organized, which is very impressive for a festival that has only been running six years!

Stephanie Joalland, Frenzy Films – THE QUIET HOUR

Can’t thank you guys enough for putting on definitely one of our favorites, if not our favorite festival, and nothing feels as good as bringing your work back home. It was a really special We will definitely be in touch about our future projects (hopefully something early next year, this time shooting in MN), and we will for sure get the word out about your fantastic festival. You guys really do look after the filmmakers and create a wonderful community. Thank-you, sincerely, for everything you did to honor and showcase our story.

Sarah Smith and Phillip Guttman, D.ASIAN

Thanks again for having us! Mike and I had a blast. What a great crowd and such a beautiful theater! So nice to have a platform to discuss the issues surrounding homelessness in our country. If only more festivals had a socially conscious bent–it’s a truly enlightened and powerful festival model. Congratulations on running a great festival week and looking forward to being back someday soon!

Stephan Scarpulla, Director – A NEW HIGH

Just wanted to say thanks once again to you and to everyone else who put together this year’s Twin Cities Film Fest for being kind and gracious enough to include our film as part of your festival. I KNOW, from having talked to the cast and crew who were able to attend, that everybody was VERY impressed by the reception we got, and by how FUN the whole evening was. Hoping we can do it again someday. 🙂

C.B. Jacobson, Director/Writer – THIS LONELINESS

Had a wonderful time at the screening of our feature film, “2021”, at Twin Cities Film Fest. Huge thank you to the fantastic staff at the fest. In just six years you’ve built TCFF into one of the best end-to-end festival experiences in the country for filmmakers, as well as audiences. Amazing.

Dave Ash, Director/Writer – 2021

I again wanted to say thank you all for the terrific festival. It was such a wonderful experience and we felt a lot of that MN warmth!

Michael Anderson, Producer/Writer – FOLLOWED

I want to tell everybody that the Twin Cities Film Fest was absolutely an all around top notch memorable experience! From the friendliness and hospitality of a dedicated staff, to the quality of films and flawless coordination of the entire festival- I would be humbled to return in a heartbeat!

Evan Weinstein – Director/Actor – LEAVING CIRCADIA

The Twin Cities Film Fest had the best of new independent film, many of which played in theaters after the festival, as well as both intriguing documentaries and cutting edge cinematic work. The facilities were among the best I have seen, the organization the best I saw, and the atmosphere and people among the most welcoming, supportive and friendly of any at the over 30 festivals we participated in last year.”

David Healey, co-writer LEAVES OF THE TREE.