Where does the Twin Cities Film Fest take place?

In 2020, the vast majority of our films will be streaming online.  However, a small number of in-person screenings for TCFF Members, Donors and Sponsors will take place at the Showplace ICON Theatre at the Shops at the West End

The Showplace ICON Theatre
1625 West End Blvd
St. Louis Park, MN 55416

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How much is an individual ticket and where can they be purchased?

Individual tickets to online screenings will be $9.  However, many of our streaming films will be free.   All in-person theater tickets will only be available for TCFF Members, Donors and Sponsors.

What are Special Streamings?

These are a small number of films that will only stream one time online at a specific date and time.  These films will also have additional elements including interviews with celebrities, filmmakers, cast and crew. 

Are film passes available?

The only pass available at the 2020 TCFF is the ALL ACCESS STREAMING PASS.  This allows passholders access to over 70 short and feature length films on our website for the duration of the festival.   No other passes are available.

Why are in-person, theater films only available to TCFF Members, Donors and Sponsors?

Because of the limited number of seats available in the theaters due to social distancing, we are not making these films available to the public.  If you’re interested in these films, please consider becoming a TCFF Member or TCFF Donor.

How do I reserve seats for the theater screenings?

if you are a TCFF Member, Donor or Sponsor, you will receive a detailed email regarding how you reserve tickets and select seats for these screenings. IMPORTANT REMINDER – we will be following very strict health guidelines in collaboration with the Showplace Icon Theaters to execute these screenings in a safe, comfortable manner.   If you are at high risk for COVID 19, we suggest you don’t consider attending these screenings.  Nobody will be allowed to enter the theater exhibiting any COVID 19 symptoms.

Are patrons allowed to take photos and walk on the red carpet?

Yes! We encourage you to take photos on the red carpet and share your experience via your social media networks and TCFF’s networks on Facebook or Twitter.

What are TCFF Educational Events and where are they located?

In 2020, a variety of educational panels will be available to the public on our website during the festival.  No in-person educational events are planned. 

Will there be a TCFF Festival Lounge?

In 2020, there will limited access and events in our modified festival lounge located next door to the theater at 1633 West End Blvd., St. Louis Park, MN  55416.   Any events happening in the lounge will be invitation only, restricted to a small number of attendees and follow social distancing and health guidelines.  There will be no regular hours and no public access to the lounge.  

I am unable to attend the Twin Cities Film Fest, but would like to support the cause. How can I make a tax deductible donation?

You can make a donation via our PayPal link or by sending a check in the mail. Please, see our Donations page for more details.