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Short Film

State of the Game

As the newest member of an elite high school hockey team, Jamie, believes he is willing to do anything to be accepted by his teammates. However, Jamie’s rite of passage quickly changes directions, both on and off the ice, when his team captain exposes what is truly necessary for Jamie to prove he is one of their own. Threatened to remain silent and participate in a vicious blackmail loyalty pledge to uphold the team’s warrior code for the sake of a fictitious victory, Jamie finds himself wrestling with his instincts of doing what is right, and suppressing the temptation to belong. At this crossroads, State of the Game forces Jamie to either find the courage to navigate his way out of the game he is trapped in, or be captivated by the team’s sadistic spirit at the cost of his own individual integrity.

Director: Robert Daniel Martin
Actors: Grayson DeWolfe, Abigail Rose Sharp, Alan Arias
Runtime: 25 Minutes

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