All The Time In The World

 In a philosophical film by local director Nickolaus Swedlund, at a small rural college in the Midwest, Drew (Drew Zoromski), a senior college football player struggles to rediscover his purpose in life after a knee injury ends his promising athletic career. His physical pain is compounded when his girlfriend (Katie Thies) dumps him, and Drew struggles to maintain focus as he drifts through the campus meditating on and searching for comfort in the memories of happier times with her. As the seasons change around him during his final year of college, his relationships with his friends and professors shape his desires for his future and help him answer the question, “What are you doing after college?” The film was shot with an organic style of filmmaking that embraces an improvisational spontaneity and maximizes the challenges of filming year round on a college campus.

Screening Time(s): 
10/29/2015  (5:15 PM)
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