Thanks for your interest in purchasing a TCFF Pass.  This is an economical way to see tons of films at reduced prices!
  • Once you've selected and purchased a pass, you will receive a confirmation email (PLEASE NOTE: THIS MAY TAKE UP TO 12 HOURS).
  • You will then be emailed a specific code correlating with the pass you purchased & redemption instructions
  • Passes can be used for a single screening or multiple screenings. 
  • If you're planning for a group, we'd suggest purchasing your tickets all at once so you can sit together.
  • There is no need to visit the ICON Theatre or the TCFF Office to redeem your pass or pick up tickets.
  • ------------------
  • TCFF silver, gold, platinum, gala and all access passes are good for TCFF films ONLY.
Any questions about ticketing and passes should be directed to Naomi Dahlgren

TCFF Silver Pass $50

5 pack  of Tickets (Non-Gala Films)

($10 Savings)

$50.00Add to cart

TCFF Gold Pass $80

10 pack  of Tickets (Non-Gala Films)

($20 Savings)

$80.00Add to cart

TCFF Platinum Pass $120

12 pack  of Tickets ( + 2 Gala Films)

($64 Savings)

$120.00Add to cart

TCFF Gala Pass $100

6 tickets to ANY Gala Films (mix/match)

Gala films are exclusive sneak peaks of studio films before having their mainstream release. These films are also the films creating awards buzz in the media. Additional TCFF gala films are the official opening night film, centerpiece film, and closing night film.

$100.00Add to cart


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