TCFF Dance Flicks!
Location: Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis MN (2822 Lyndale Ave S.Minneapolis, MN 55408)
Date/Time: Saturday Jan 28th, 7pm
Admissions:(Buy Your Tickets HERE!)

Enjoy the art of Dance on Film as TCFF brings you the 3rd Annual Dance Flicks! A mix of shorts from across the country including several local dancers/choreographers/filmmakers with a Q&A after the screening. Enjoy beer/wine prior to and after the screening in the lobby. Shhh…There may be a special live performance of a surprise Dance! You’ll just have to be there to witness it!

‘Disco’ by Boris Seewald
‘Exquisite Corps’ by Mitchell Rose
‘Hang On Carry On’ by Michiel Vaanhold
‘Inheriting a Legacy’ by Carmen Roman
‘Shift’ by Amanda Moran
‘Sing the Sand into Pearls’ by Raquel Claudino

‘Confluence’ by Mary Lee Hardenbergh
‘Falling Still’ by Becky Heist
‘Garden Gate’ by Ferolyn Angell
‘Mad Minute Films’ by Blake Nellis
‘My Feet Don’t Leave the Ground When I Jump’ by Jon Dahl
‘Position’ by Leralee Whittle
‘Brain’ by Jack Norton

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