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We had a thrilling night for our premiere of Blue Balloons and thank you so much for all the work you did in making the night a success!   I truly appreciate the attention you gave our film and could not be more pleased with how things went and the audience response. I keep hearing such wonderful compliments about not only our movie but the festival as a whole. It really was a spectacular night for me and the BB team!    You have a fantastic festival and staff, and we look forward to returning next time!

Many, many thanks!
Emily Troedsen, Director – BLUE BALLOONS


To our new Twin Cities friends,

First off, congrats to you all for organizing one of the greatest film festivals, filled with entertaining films, fantastic festivities and endless fun.  You should be so proud of what you’ve created. Lisa and I can’t thank you all enough for making us feel so welcome. Your whole team is amazing! Honestly, the best part – was meeting you all personally and sharing laughs, watching films together, and making memories!  (Even though we missed out on the Karaoke).

Please keep in touch in the days ahead, plus keep me in mind for anything in the future to help your festival – in any way.
Lastly, plan on us being there with another feature in the not to distant future.  Juicy Lucy burger, on me…  😉

Manny & Lisa Rodriguaz
Butterfly Caught


Super huge and gigantic thank you to Bill CooperJatin SetiaDani Palmer and their compatriots at Twin Cities Film Fest for hosting not one, but two screenings of Twin Cities – feature film. As I tell anyone that will listen, these guys have built the best fest in the midwest, and one of the very best in the country. Having screened two films here now, I can tell you that everything about this fest is top notch. True statement of fact.

Many thanks also to everyone that made time in their busy lives to come to the screenings and support local cinema and the people that worked on this film. I’m very grateful for this, including all of the thoughtful, heartfelt feedback on the movie which really floored me. These kind of connections are why we make these films!

Dave Ash – Director – TWIN CITIES


I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at the Twin Cities Film Fest. You guys were all so kind and gracious last night at the Nature Boy screening. The crowd seemed to really enjoy the film and it was such a nice presentation. The post Q&A with Greg and Jim was very heartfelt. I’m so happy I attended, it’s an experience I won’t soon forget.

All the best,
Rory – Director – NATURE BOY


I want to thank you again for putting on a fantastic event this past 10 days.. you have created something truly special here in the Twin Cities and COYOTE was so humbled to be a part of it. A special thanks for your attention to our film and willingness to find additional encore screening times for the crowds that wanted to see the film.

So humbled by the Audience Award! Is there a special laurel with “audience award” in the middle? I’d like to announce this great honor through our channels and figured I’d ask.

Best wishes,
Thomas Simmons – Director – COYOTE




I wanted to send you a huge thank you for a wonderful time at the festival. I was truly blown away by the quality of the fest. Everyone made us feel so welcome and our team had such a wonderful time.  Thank you for being so supportive of our film from the very start. I will not forget when we met at the sundance event and I will certainly never forget the excitement when we were accepted into TCFF. It meant so much to me to show Flora in Minnesota. I hope our paths cross again very soon.  I am so grateful to you and the whole Twin Cities Film Fest team.
All the best,
Teresa Marie Doran – Producer – FLORA

I just wanted to send my thanks for including Dear Henri, in the Twin Cities Film Festival!  It was such a pleasure to screen it there. The theater was awesome, with great sound & picture,  so thanks for that technical prowess! And I really enjoyed the programming block that I was in. Smart interesting and great mix and flow. Everyone along the way was so helpful. It was a pleasure to work with you all.

Matthew Sandager  – Director – DEAR HENRI

Thank you so much for everything this past weekend. Patrick (Fabian) and I had such a great time at the festival and we couldn’t have asked for a better screening. I hope you guys are getting some well-earned rest over there. Hope to see you again in coming years!
Mark Stolaroff – Producer – DriverX