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On behalf of Talia, Peter, and the Working Man team, I want to thank you all for your hospitality in the Twin Cities and for making last night’s screening a success.  Such a fantastic, engaged audience.  (Great questions, Bill!)  The additional assistance with transportation, lodging and publicity was also greatly appreciated.  Many thanks for looking after our trio the last two days, keeping us on task (not easy) and helping our actors stay comfortable.  You folks were amazing. A pleasure meeting you all.  Robert Jury (Director) WORKING MAN

On behalf of Megan and Justin and myself, I wanted to tell you what an excellent experience we had premiering our film at TCFF – thank you. All day long I’ve been telling people what a smooth ride it was: great crowd, no problems with projection (which is rare), on-time screening, pro Q and A, free drinks and a super-fun party. And comped hotel rooms! Our business is full of cut-corners, low pay/long hours, and having to do things on the cheap – it was really nice to have everything be first-rate at this key moment for the film. We’re touched too that you got behind our project. We’d be thrilled to return to TCFF with future films, if you’ll have us, and I mean that. Again, heartfelt thanks.  Wyatt McDill (Director) 3 DAY WEEKEND

I just wanted to write, now that the dust has settled on TCFF 2019, to say how terrific this year’s festival experience was for me and Billy. The premiere screening was a full-house, rousing, amazing success. We really loved having the film there. And so thank you so much for inviting us and the film. And congratulations on such a successful 10 year anniversary festival!    Roger Nygard – (Director)  THE TRUTH ABOUT MARRIAGE

I wanted to thank you for again selecting our film into the festival this year.  It was a great honor to be a part of the 10th year…feels momentous! I know that Junior had a great time and was quite the celebrity after the screening which couldn’t make me happier.  I only wish we could have stayed a little bit longer if only to meet more filmmakers and more of the volunteers and staff.   Again, thank you so much and have a great rest of the festival!      Rudy Harris (Director)  LIKE HARVEY LIKE SON

Jatin, Bill, Naomi and the entire team at TCFF put on one of the best film festivals in the country and they treat the filmmakers like royalty making the experience truly unforgettable. I am eager to submit future works for consideration.  Zach Capp (Producer)  THE RINGMASTER

An excellent film festival run in a professional and truly enjoyable way. As a guest with a film in the festival, I felt honored and at times even spoiled. There was space and time for networking and play evening, with panels and films for anyone’s taste during the day. A great festival!  Tiffany Cromwell (Producer/Writer) GIRL STUFF

Thank you to the Twin Cities Film Fest. It was a great experience and their support for my was very enthusiastic. I appreciate how well run the festival was and how much content was packed into 10 days – education panels, the Filmmaker Lounge, and of course the screenings and world premieres. Really exceptional event.   Julie Koehnen (Director) MASTER SERVANT

What an amazing experience! So many lovely details to make the filmmakers and audiences feel special…from the chocolate treat in the cupholders at the screenings to the special cocktail parties for filmmakers, the educational panels and the VIP Lounge offering filmmakers complimentary cocktails…just really an incredibly well-planned and executed festival. Thank you for including “Oh My Stars” and “Everyone Goes in the Lake” in the short film blocks. Truly an honor to be screened. Happy 10-year-anniversary!     Cynthia Uhrich (Director) OH MY STARS, EVERYBODY GOES IN THE LAKE

A very welcoming, organized, and exciting event. This was the best festival I’ve ever been to and I will continually submit my projects here for years to come. We were honoured to have our movie “The Star of Therapy” play among such an outstanding selection of films. Highly recommended.  Bryce Iwaschuk (Director)  THE STAR OF THERAPY

Big actors, directors, and producers in attendance… nearly every showing is sold out (with great introductions by the festival organizers)… red carpets with professional interviews… a swanky lounge full of filmmakers and fans every night… TCFF puts in all the work to make a GREAT and VALUABLE experience for the filmmakers and film goers alike. We literally received distribution offers for our feature, and made contact with a producer who wants to make our next feature… right in the festival lounge. I wish every festival was like this one.  CJ Renner (Director) AMERICAN TENDER

Thanks Twin Cities Film Fest for a great week! What a wonderful MN film community!  Troy Deutsch (Director)  BROWN FISH

Just wanted to say congratulations on the festival.  The selection of films this year was extraordinary.  All the shorts that played on the blocks I saw were better than ever.  Thank you again for accepting my film this year!  Josh Mruz (Director) RELATIV(ITY)

This festival was the only one I could attend this year but it was for a sold out screening and it was a lot of fun ! Great people great environment and I can’t wait to go back next year !  Anthony Risen (Director)  DEVIL’S NIGHT

Twin Cities Film Fest is an incredibly well run festival, with excellent programming, great communication, and is an fantastic place to get connected, especially for local Twin Cities Filmmakers. It is definitely worth the submission, and probably overall the best festival I have ever had the privilege of attending.   Josh Cisewski (Director) BEAR

This festival is FANTASTIC. Great communication, incredible venue, wonderful opportunities for socializing and creating connections with other filmmakers! TOP NOTCH!   Brittany Benjamin (Director) NEXT DOOR


This is a great festival that goes above and beyond to give filmmakers a special experience. The venue is fantastic, and the swanky VIP lounge across the street is the perfect place to relax or celebrate, depending on the timing. The staff and programming team is next-level awesome. Highly recommended!   John Burr (Director) MUSE


One of the best run festivals I have attended. Great communication, great parties, and impressive selection of films. Twin Cities will certainly become a coveted stop on the festival trail.  Cody Joel (Director) PIKE COUNTY


Lovely festival, smoothly run. Great promotion for your film – and just all around wonderful!  Clarissa Jacobson (Director) LUNCH LADIES


Thank you very much for the opportunity to screen ‘Roof Knocking’ in a curated way, grouped with other homebound stories.  Sergio Salazar (Director) ROOF KNOCKING


Wow, what an awesome festival! Welcoming, organized, and committed to recognizing the filmmaker (especially women filmmakers), I can’t recommend it enough. Thank you TCFF for an amazing experience, I hope to have it again one day! Emily Bell (Director)