Claire in Motion

Directed by Annie J. Howell and Lisa Robinson
Written by Annie J. Howell and Lisa Robinson

poster_tcff_claireinmotion_xlWhen her husband fails to return from a weekend getaway in the wilderness, Claire embarks on a journey of discovery for both the answer to her husband’s fate and of their relationship—which may not have been precisely as she imagined it.

Betsy Brandt delivers an impressive performance as Claire—a woman of logic and deduction whose investigations lead to answers that fall far afield from any hypothesis she could have conceived. As she encounters people and events from her missing husband’s life away from home, she’s forced to deal with not just realities about him, but also about herself.

The supporting players are also excellent—specifically Anna Margaret Hollyman as Allison—an artist with many peculiarities and social oddities of her own. Their scenes together are awkward, palpable and real.

The fine performances aside, the plot of the film is almost entirely a red herring. Whether that is a clever twist resembling real life, or a disappointing tease, will be up to the individual viewer.

Regardless of the resolution, writer/directors Annie J. Howell and Lisa Robinson keep us engrossed and guessing as events on screen unfold organically and realistically, allowing the mystery to perpetuate the story which is ultimately a path of self discovery for Claire.

Claire in Motion is a well acted film with complex characters and situations that is well worth the watch, but ultimately concludes with an open ending that it hasn’t quite earned.

Flick’n’Friends Scorecard…
Artistic Value – 6 / 10
Social Value – 6 / 10
Entertainment Value – 7 / 10

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