The Eyes of My Mother

Directed by Nicolas Pesce
Written by Nicolas Pesce

poster_tcff_theeyesofmymother_xlA young girl raised by a stoic, but loving, mother and an emotionally distant father is forever changed when a random stranger arrives and interrupts their isolated solace.

True horrors ensue as she struggles to cope with her new situation, ill-equipped to deal with strangers or adhere to the most basic social norms.

The Eyes of My Mother is a viscerally disturbing, yet surprisingly tender, portrait of madness. An intimate look at a monster who doesn’t know she is one. She’s simply dealing with her situation and looking for companionship the only way she knows how, but make no mistake—true, and unforgivable, horrors are enacted by the hand of our main character—who serves as both antagonist and protagonist in her own story.

The film will certainly be too much for more squeamish viewers to handle at times, but, its macabre content aside, it is simply unlike anything you’ve seen before. Grotesquely imagined, yet sublimely captured in black and white—and featuring a captivating performance by Kika Magalhaes—this is a film both beautiful and horrific and one of the most unique and artistic cinematic experiences of the year.

Flick’n’Friends Scorecard…
Artistic Value – 10 / 10
Social Value – 7 / 10
Entertainment Value – 8 / 10

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