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Flick’n’Friends Review: Lion

Review Lion Directed by Mark Davis Written by Luke Davies A young orphaned boy from India is adopted by a loving Australian family, but, as a young man, finds himself compelled to find the mother and brother he feels he left behind in the based-on-a-true-story drama Lion—an incredibly impressive first feature effort from director Mark… Continue reading Flick’n’Friends Review: Lion

Flick’n’Friends Review: Trespass Against Us

Review Trespass Against Us Directed by Adam Smith Written by Alastair Siddons Trespass Against Us follows the story of the Cutler clan, a family living a sort of gypsy lifestyle in the British countryside—sustained mostly heists in the city. To the family matriarch Colby (Brendan Gleeson), there’s no moral conundrum are choice in the matter—it’s… Continue reading Flick’n’Friends Review: Trespass Against Us

Flick’n’Friends Review: The Eyes of My Mother

Review The Eyes of My Mother Directed by Nicolas Pesce Written by Nicolas Pesce A young girl raised by a stoic, but loving, mother and an emotionally distant father is forever changed when a random stranger arrives and interrupts their isolated solace. True horrors ensue as she struggles to cope with her new situation, ill-equipped… Continue reading Flick’n’Friends Review: The Eyes of My Mother

Flick’n’Friends Review: Oxenfree

Review Oxenfree Directed by Dan Glaser Written by Timothy J. Meyer Three step brothers reunite at the childhood family cabin after the death of their father in an attempt to reconnect in Oxenfree. Initially, relationships are strained and confrontational, but through the hopeful machinations of one brother, revelations are made, bonds are mended and monsters,… Continue reading Flick’n’Friends Review: Oxenfree

Flick’n’Friends Review: Iron Will

Review Iron Will Directed by Sergio Valenzuela The uncomfortable and undercovered topic of post traumatic stress disorders is tackled head on in Iron Will—an interview style documentary that rotates between the accounts of several combat veterans and their day-to-day struggles with the after effects of wartime. The subjects are varied and diverse, but what they… Continue reading Flick’n’Friends Review: Iron Will

Flick’n’Friends Review: Blood Stripe

Review Blood Stripe Directed by Remy Auberjonois Written by Remy Auberjonois and Kate Nowlin Blood Stripe follows the struggles of a recently-returned-home Marine as she attempts to acclimate and assimilate back into the day-to-day routine of civilian life—battling both the crippling effects of PTSD and the awkward reception of those unsure of how to welcome her… Continue reading Flick’n’Friends Review: Blood Stripe