Trespass Against Us

Directed by Adam Smith
Written by Alastair Siddons

poster_tcff_tresspassagainstus_xlTrespass Against Us follows the story of the Cutler clan, a family living a sort of gypsy lifestyle in the British countryside—sustained mostly heists in the city. To the family matriarch Colby (Brendan Gleeson), there’s no moral conundrum are choice in the matter—it’s their established way of life. To his son Chad (Michael Fassbender), this destiny isn’t something to be settled for—especially when taking his wife and children into account.

The film begins with a wild chase scene involving a hare, a dog, and the Cutler family automobile. It’s an impressive opening sequence that sets the stage for “life on the run” as the norm for the characters. Such lifestyles rarely last, however (on Cutler brother has already been jailed) and after a risky heist of an important government figure the noose tightens around Chad who is forced into a decision with no perfect outcome.

The film’s performances are routinely excellent—with Fassbender and Gleeson creating real and fully-fleshed out individuals as the film’s leads. Lyndsey Marshal is impressive as Chad’s wife Kelly, and young Georgie Smith as their son Tyson is very good in a challenging role (the daughter character Mini isn’t given much attention in the story, unfortunately).

Adam Smith’s direction is impressively assured for a first-time feature effort. The film is well shot and the settings are authentically crafted, and the action sequences are effectively staged and shot.

The story, however, often seems directionless with a few set ups that don’t quite pay off or are ignored entirely.The film also concludes with an uplifting but confusing final scene (we don’t know exactly how we are supposed to feel about the fates of Chad and his family).

All together, Trespass Against Us is a strongly acted and directed film that falls a touch short in the plot department.

Flick’n’Friends Scorecard…
Artistic Value – 6 / 10
Social Value – 6 / 10
Entertainment Value – 7 / 10

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