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John Mellesmoen

In addition to serving as the innovation director of TCFF, John manages the festival lounge and lounge sponsor event activations. John is an avid film fan, has collaborated on several film projects, and has been with the Twin Cities Film Fest from the beginning serving in multiple capacities where needed. His professional background is in… Continue reading John Mellesmoen

Shannan Paul

Ms. Shannan Paul is a highly talented and professional Comedian, Speaker, Voiceover Artist, Live Event Host, Benefit Auctioneer, and Social Instigator. Here at TCFF, Shannan oversees community partnerships and services, which promote diversity and inclusion as it relates to media and storytelling.

Naomi Dahlgren

Naomi has been involved in the talent, video and film business for many years. Whether in front of the camera, on stage or behind the scenes, Naomi loves to be involved. She has worked as a production manager and assistant director on numerous projects and also wrote, produced and directed her own short film.

Steve Snyder

In addition to serving as the founding artistic director of TCFF, Steve is a widely published film critic and former member of the New York Film Critics Circle. His writing on film has appeared in the pages of TIME, PEOPLE, Newsday and the New York Sun, and has been syndicated nationwide by Internet Broadcasting Systems.… Continue reading Steve Snyder

Andrea Hayft 

An avid and long-time film fan, Andrea volunteered for her first TCFF event in 2014 – and was hooked. Over the years, she has worked in the areas of brand ambassador, memberships, special events and festival support. In her current role at TCFF she draws on years of small-business experience focusing on project management, productivity, systems… Continue reading Andrea Hayft 

Brooke Bednarek

Brooke started her journey in the arts at the young age of 12 in professional theatre before going into healthcare for over a decade. She pursued both her bachelor’s in biology and marketing, which led her to a marketing internship with TCFF in May 2021. Brooke was hired full-time as Marketing Director at TCFF in… Continue reading Brooke Bednarek

Jatin Setia

As a recipient of ’40 under 40′ Award as well as ‘MN Real Power 50’, Jatin has been recognized by the community as a business leader and innovator. With the Twin Cities Film Fest, Jatin has brought the community together in a celebration of the arts it deserves. Jatin currently serves as a Board Member… Continue reading Jatin Setia