TCFF15 is underway!  Welcome to Day Two of our 11-Day film fest.  Here is a peak at what we have in store.

Brand of Robbers, a  historical thriller, starring Hannibal Buress,  is a modern day retelling of Mark Twain’s iconic books, BAND OF ROBBERS is a comedic adventure that re-imagines the characters as grown men, and small-time crooks.

Can You Dig This, an environmental documentary, is a feature documentary following four “gangster gardeners” who create an oasis in one of the most notoriously dangerous neighborhoods in America.

Autism in America, narrated by Chandra Wilson,  is a genuine and straightforward look into Autism in America told by the families and individuals living with Autism daily.

Sunny in the Dark, is a mystery-thriller, starring Hannah Ward.  It follows,  Jonah Bock,  a therapist with a marriage and family counseling clinic, as he moves into a new loft he’s wait listed for over two years, he quickly senses he may have finally found the ultimate sanctuary to shield him from the pain of the world.

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Take a Look at some of the trailers – 

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