Riley returns to visit her college town and the group of friends she left behind. Seeking something more than a nostalgic vacation, she stays at the house where she once lived with Adrien and Evelyn, the brother and sister with whom she has a complicated history. As Riley’s visit progresses, it becomes clear that her baggage with Adrien and Evelyn has not resolved. Despite Adrien being married, the two flirt and fall back into old habits. In Riley’s absence, Evelyn has become more withdrawn than ever. Somehow, Riley’s presence seems to bring something out in her, and the two rekindle their friendship. In an attempt to slight Riley, Adrien throws a dinner party with the old friends she sought to escape. Adrien invites Taylor, Riley’s ex-boyfriend who tries to keep her from making the same mistakes that drove her away in the first place. As the night continues, alcohol flows, tempers flare, and Riley watches the night devolve into the same dramatic mess she left behind. Riley is forced to choose between abandoning those who need her, or staying and being dragged back into the dysfunction she previously fled. In a moment of clarity, Riley makes her decision.

Screening Time(s): 
10/23/2015  (9:45 PM)
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