Oct. 17th, 5:15 pm

Oct. 22nd, 2:15 pm

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Run Time: 93 Minutes

*Attending Guests: Mac Alsfeld, Director

—Midwest Premiere—

With the unexpected death of Clark’s dad, his mother, Helen, quickly remarries a man who is the same age as her son. Dan, a 24-year-old “inventor,’ becomes increasingly hell-bent on raising this new boy as his own. Pressured by his parents to find a job, Clark sets out on a gauntlet of misleading and dangerous interviews, finally landing a job at a local bookstore. It is here that he meets Emily, a beautiful and quick-witted girl who helps Clark to tread against the waters of his own pessimistic views on love and marriage in order to reconcile his relationship with his mother and ensure the future well being of his family.

Director: Mac Alsfeld