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I thought I would take a moment to share some of my absolute favorite films of TCFF2015. One of the things that we, at Twin Cities Film Fest, pride ourselves on is finding great films with weird names that we know you would absolutely LOVE if you take the risk and buy a ticket.  Here is part 1 of my TCFF15 Favorites List:

Opening Night – Wednesday, Oct. 21, 8:00pm : Room

For Book Fans and Oscar Buffs:  This is probably the biggest film we’re screening. Period. But given the odd timing, there’s still seats available. It stars Brie Larson, is based on the hit book, and just took home the top prize of the Toronto International Film Festival. Making it the immediate front runner for the best picture Oscar. So I think book fans would love this; as would Oscar buffs. About a mother who finds herself locked in a room for years with her young child, and she must find a way to convince the kid that there is nothing else in the universe but this. Just to keep them both going. Getting RAVE reviews.
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Friday, Oct. 23, 7:15pm : Remember

War Film and History Buffs: Remember – Starring Christopher Plummer as a Jewish man who barely survived World War II and Auschwitz who sets out as an elderly man to get revenge against a Nazi camp guard.
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Saturday, Oct. 24, 7:00pm : Touched With Fire

Romantic Comedy and Katie Holmes’ big comeback!: Touched With Fire – Katie Holmes returns to the movie screen in this South By Southwest smash shit. She plays a bipolar poet who befriends and then falls for another poet while admitted to a psychiatric hospital.
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Sunday, Oct. 25 , 7:00pm : The Last Great Circus Flyer

Performance Arts: The Last Great Circus Flyer is one of the year’s best documentaries, about the greatest trapeze artist who ever lived – the first to ever complete a quadruple jump – who one day abruptly quit the circus and walked away. Director will be present, as will the trapeze artist. This is a magical film.
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