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Leaving Circadia from director Evan Mathew Weinstein’s wonderful romantic Comedy which chronicles the difficult transition from the happy-go-lucky lifestyle of their twenties to the often harsh reality of thirties adulthood. It is not to be missed.

This is Happening by Ryan Jaffe in which A small time pot dealer, Megan uses a trip to put her Grandmother in a home as a cover for a five pound marijuana purchase. When Estelle her grandmother takes off unaware that her granddaughter’s drugs are stashed in the trunk of her car. The estranged siblings have no choice but to track Estelle down, reconnecting along the way. This feel good film will touch the hearts of all.

Can You Dig This by Director Delila Vallot Proving that gardens can spawn in the most unlikely of places, feature documentary follows four “gangster gardeners” who create an oasis in one of the most notoriously dangerous neighborhoods in America.

Digital Dove Shorts The Digital Dove filmmaking program for homeless youth was founded by HBO in 2004 with the belief that creativity and self expression are valuable tools in even the most difficult of circumstances. Students, who live at Covenant House CA, a youth shelter in LA, learn the filmmaking process from start to finish, and use it to interpret their lives and the way they see the world. This is a selection of films from a variety of genres made by Digital Dove students over a ten-year period.

Land Of 10,000 Stories Shorts BlockLand Of 10,000 Stories Shorts Block We are surrounded by lakes and we’re surrounded by stories. The films in this eclectic short block were made by Minnesota filmmakers or have Minnesota connections. It includes both narrative and documentary short films and features the Best Film from the EDU Film Festival and the winner of the Screenwriters Workshop’s Script to Screen Competition. Films Include: You’re In Trouble, Circulate, Between Friends, Boardroom, The White Fish Yacht Club, Nobody But Us, Grown Men On Swings, Snail Mail, Clean Cut, A Refugee’s Story: Khamsay Huang, and Ostara.

A Year and Change by Director R. Stephen Suettinger. After drunkenly falling off the roof at a New Year’s house party, Owen decides that it’s time to make some wholesale changes in his life. Over the next year, he re-enters his estranged son’s life, reignites old friendships, quits drinking, and falls in love with Vera, a bank teller and fellow divorcee…all in an attempt to surround himself with a family – subconsciously replacing the one he’d lost prematurely. Owen, a vending machine proprietor, soon finds that sometimes in life, you just need a little change.

Followed by director Michael Anderson. After receiving a musical fellowship in Los Angeles, David and Rachel decide to pack-up their Chicago apartment and set out for a new life. David, an amateur photographer, decides to document their travels across the country, starting with a going away party to send them off. The next day, in a moment alone, David divulges to the camera why he is really filming…he is going to ask Rachel to marry him. While shooting there last moments in town, David unknowingly captures incriminating activity of a mysterious man in the background. When the man begins stalking them to retrieve the footage, the celebratory trip turns sinister, as the young couple becomes the prey in a psychological game of cat and mouse across the iconic landmarks of the American West.